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Only one-third of employers in Canada offer a retirement program to their employees so we understand the investment you are making. Our goal is to ensure your employees understand the value of this benefit because engaged employees increases production, retention and overall better business results. We want to manage all the heavy lifting when it comes to overseeing your retirement program.

As your consultants, we expect to handle all things related to your retirement program. No request is too small.

We also want to ensure that plan sponsors fulfill their responsibility as a fiduciary of their retirement program. The retirement committee wears two hats; they are accountable to the senior leadership team on the corporate side and to the plan members as a fiduciary. We help the retirement committee navigate this fine line with a governance process that ensures success on both sides.

What is your plan purpose?

One of the first questions we ask our clients that are thinking of implementing a retirement plan for their employees is “Why?” Do you want to provide your employees additional compensation in the form of a retirement plan? Do you want to provide your employees a convenient and tax-effective method for saving for retirement? Do you want to help your employees achieve their retirement goals? The answers to these questions will help drive the direction and design of your retirement plan.
We recognize the challenges unique to your organization. Our goal is to provide a personalized approach that works for your company and your employees.

How do we support your employees?

As the retirement industry moves away from Defined Benefit Pension Plans, the responsibility of savings has been shifted to employees. Do your employees understand their responsibility? Do they know how much they need to save in order to reach their retirement savings goals? Surveys indicate that employees rely on their employers to educate and assist them in their retirement planning. Baynes & White is committed to helping you help your employees. We offer individual confidential sessions with your employees to help them navigate the financial jargon. We can assist employees with investment selection, retirement planning, income projections, and more.

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In our experience, plan sponsors connect with us for the following reasons:

  • You’re not getting the level of service and proactive thinking you once received or expect to receive.
  • You are looking for expertise in the management and oversight of your retirement plans.
  • Cost control is a priority for you and you want more value for your pension dollars.

Any one of these is reason enough to look at a different model for the delivery of pension services. A model designed to ensure that the administration and management of your retirement plan(s) is as cost-efficient and simple as possible for your organization.

If you are looking for exceptional service, expert advice and value for your employees, please contact us today


Retirement Plan Consulting And Management (DCPP, GRRSP, DPSP)
  • Plan Set-Up and Registration
  • Plan Design and Benchmarking
  • Plan Marketing and Provider Tenders
  • Investment Reviews
  • Plan Governance
  • Legislative Compliance
  • Plan text, amendments, member booklets, Statement of Investment Policies & Procedures (SIP&P)
  • Annual Review
Member Education And One-on-one Sessions
Actuarial Consulting (DB Plans)
Pension Administration (DB Plans)
Pension And Post-retirement Accounting (DB Plans And Non-pension Plans)
Executive Plans

Fair and honest pricing

Baynes & White was established with a mandate to provide boutique-style pension consulting services in a cost-effective manner. This is reflected in our hourly rates. As a result of lower overhead costs, we are able to offer fees that are 25% to 65% lower than those typical at larger pension consulting firms. In addition to the traditional fee-for-service approach, we also offer flexible billing structures to meet your budgeting needs.

Simply put, we provide outstanding pension services at a fair price.

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