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December 22, 2015
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May 28, 2018

How to cite an essay

How to cite an essay

Citing is one of the main requirement of the essay as it helps reader to divide your opinion from the other people’s opinion. Furthermore, if the topic is interesting to your audience linking the sources you have used will save their time searching for books or articles to learn more on this issue. That is why citing the essay is important, but simultaneously quite a long process. Here is some advice on how to do this.

Firstly, you need to be sure what formatting style is required for your writing as it impacts how to cite an essay. MLA and APA are among the most popular ones.

While citing the essay according to MLA format you usually include the citation in the text and have a bibliography of all used sources at the end of an essay which is called Works Cited section. The in-text citation according to MLA format is marked at the end of the sentence and should provide the information in such order: the name of source’s author, the title of source and the page number from which you got the information. Do not forget to begin and end the in-text citations with quotation marks.

In the Works Cited section you have to mention all used sources. It is necessary to present them in such order: the name of the text’s author, the title of the text, the name of the collection, the collection’s editor, information of the publication, and the page number(s) of the text. For instance, Frisch, Michael H. “The Memory of History.” Presenting the Past Essays on History and the Public. Philadelphia: Temple University Press, 1986. 5. Print.

Contrary to MLA style, according to APA requirements to in-text citation you must include only the author’s last name, the page number and the year of publishing the text. It is necessary to emphasize that the citation does not go at the end of the sentence but interrupts it.

APA does not have the Works Cited, but Reference List which consists of all used in the essay sources. It provides the reader with such information: the author’s last name, first initial, middle initial, year of text’s publication, title of chapter in sentence case, title of book in sentence case (page range, location and publisher. It is necessary to follow this order. For instance: Smith, J.R. (2008). Women’s journey, Gender Issues (pp.101-120). New York, NY: ABP.

Here is just a brief review about the main features of citation according to MLA and APA requirements. There are a lot of nuances in this process. So, while starting to write the essay, make sure you have enough time to learn how to cite different sources properly and time for revising it.

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